Early Days

Sitting and taking a moment of reflection on a drizzly Saturday afternoon, a moment to allow all the hustle and bustle to settle down and possibly most importantly… There’s someone at the door.

Arriving home on a bright Autumn Tuesday after being submerged for the first time in PR theories and strategies, thoughts are zipping around my brain and I am trying to settle them. Coming back in to education from the prosaic world of cancer data collation, it’s been a while since I’ve had so many things to think about and to do at any given time. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever had so many things to be thinking about:

  • Find strong references for critical writing assignment.
  • Choose a company from Times Top 100
  • Write a blog (In hand)
  • Think about what to put in my personal blog (currently two posts in 6 months)
  • Learn LinkedIn
  • Keep up with the reading
  • Stakeholders
  • Systems Theory
  • CIPR Membership
  • How to use up those potatoes (mash or roasted)
  • I could go on and on

It’s fair to say I was in a bit of a malaise career-wise earlier this year. Finally, at long last and after months of research, I was able to put my finger on something that looked like just the ticket – Public Relations – I’m a great communicator, I have creative ideas, I can write copy, I have digital skills. PR seems to be a great fit. So I gave it a go, and here I am with a massive smile on my face after only 4 weeks back in the classroom.

I had been caught floundering between the two ‘risks’ of being caught in a job which you suspect isn’t the one for you. Firstly there’s the risk of doing something: I might lose my job, I might not get a better job, I might have to do something I’m afraid of. Countered by the risk of not doing anything, of settling and slowly but surely deflating. Having chosen the former I am embracing the fear, craving it every day.

I’m absolutely rejuvenated with it all; meeting the crew on the course, meeting the tutors, opening my mind to the new ideas and focussing in on where this is all leading. The only negative strand to my thinking this afternoon is leading me to the question ‘why did I not do this 3 years ago?’ I guess there’s a reason for everything and I’m glad to be here right now.

So, that’s enough reflection for one day, time to crack on.