PR Specialisms – Internal Communications…

Presentation Front

Myself and Josh Ramsay were tasked with presenting our thoughts and opinions on the Internal Communications sector of Public Relations to our fellow MSc students and tutor, Wendy Moran.

Firstly, it was great to see the strength and growth of an increasingly important and strategic area of Public Relations for organisations. Its importance as a means of building towards corporate goals, culture and objectives is becoming recognised more and more often, putting it at the front of our chosen profession’s battle for a seat in the upper echelons of organisations.

What was also fantastic to see, were so many experts (CIPR Inside, Jenni Field, Sarah Hall, Rachel Miller, Dana Leeson to name but a few) sharing best practice and advice to the profession and promoting IC’s strategic significance.

After conducting our research, it became clear to myself and Josh that the IC sector is experiencing rapid change due to the digitalisation of the British workforce. However, surprisingly, experts and analysis from Gatehouse reports still note that ‘face-to-face’ communications are still king. It seems that poor adoption rates of social channels amongst employees (43%) is indicative of this.

Presentation Side

Additionally, despite all of the talk about Enterprise Social Networks and Mobile Tools/Apps, IC professionals state that central e-mails, intranets, e-newsletters and videos are still the most frequently used and effective channels. Demonstrating that many IC professionals favour push communications over pull communications still.

Finally, we presented two fantastic, award-winning IC campaigns from Powys County Council and Nationwide that truly demonstrated the power of Internal Communications in a variety of organisational contexts.

With measurable impacts on employee welfare, organisational culture and ultimately financial performance, we became sure of IC’s ability to demonstrate Public Relations’ vital role in an organisation’s corporate planning.


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