Benefits of Networking

NetworkingUniversity life can get hectic at times with many meetings, projects and deadlines coming up one after another. Moreover, students try to squeeze in some events in their airtight schedules. And given the multitude of commitments, it’s no surprise they decide to cancel the networking events – which could have proven beneficial for their future career.

There are a considerable number of articles on the web, explaining the many pros and cons of the benefits of networking, but unless it appears in our feed we don’t look for them. So from students to students, we wrote an article on how you could network at the

Future Talent in the Creative Industries event at MMU.

 Be open and connect with the people. Sounds easier in theory than in practice, but everybody is coming to the event for the same reason. To connect. To talk. To network.

Listen and get to know them. Once a conversation has been established, it is important to listen as well. Some people love to talk more than others, so give them the chance to open up and you will have plenty of questions to choose from to keep the conversation flowing.

Follow up on social media. This applies to everyone you had a conversation with or you wanted to speak to at the event. Some people prefer to send follow up questions after an event. It is a great way to introduce yourself and take your time to ask all the relevant questions about a company or a graduate scheme, for example.

 Build relationships. Do not expect one email to do the trick. In the same way, you cannot expect to become friends with someone after just one meeting! The more you interact, the more solid the relationship becomes.

Start again. If it did not work out as planned, don’t worry. Start again. Just because someone did not give you the chance to get to know them or you simply realised it was not right for you, it does not mean you have to stop trying. Chin up and start again.

Why network at the Future Talent in the Creative Industries event?

“The Future Talent day is a wonderful experience for students to network with professionals within the industry. You get to take a real life brief and pitch your ideas to the experts. The prizes are always great. When my team won, we gained a place at an industry awards, with even more networking opportunities. It’s perfect for any student wanting to kick-start their career and get noticed. I can’t recommend the day enough.”

Gemma Trevers – Account Executive at SkyParlour PR

The speakers attending the Future Talent in the Creative Industries events are first and foremost people, as well as professionals. Don’t be afraid to come along, get involved, connect with them and other students, and enjoy!