My week in Dubai

I have now been home for just over a week since I was whisked away to Dubai by the Brazen PR team. As I mentioned in the previous post, the placement is part of their ‘Six Week Brazen Summer Camp’. It is a new internship scheme the PR team came up with and I feel proud to have secured one of the two places.


Dubai is by far the most extravagant city I have ever visited, and to experience working there is definitely something I will remember forever. We went into the office Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday and spent a couple of hours in there Thursday before our flight. We were given several tasks during our time there which included creating content for the presentation slides for upcoming pitches, phoning journalists regarding a new product for research, creating a blog post. My post was about Tumblr and why it is a good social platform for PR – because that is actually the blogging platform I use for my weekly blog. This was my post: 

We also drafted press releases, and chatted in general with Louise about her experiences and knowledge of PR. It really was an incredible experience and one I will never forget. I feel like again, I have learnt so much and it has developed my skills even further.


My advice to anyone would be go for every opportunity which presents it self to you. If it is something you would think I would love to do that, what are you waiting for? Don’t let fear of rejection hold you back because if you never apply for anything you will never get to do anything. 11666169_10153454352094287_4602624519012930444_n

My first work experience placement with MMU was with a corporate PR company. It is an area out of my comfort zone because in my everyday life it is not really a topic I know a lot about or topics I consume through my personal media reading. However I just went for it. I applied and was successful and I had a brilliant 3 months. Not only did I put my PR skills to practice, but I learnt so much about topics I never thought I would know about. Overall I believe it had a huge impact on the beginnings of my PR experience.



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