Interning in the UAE

Caution- reading this post could make you feel slightly jealous – why? Well, I am writing this as I am sat on my very comfy bed, on the 29th floor, in a beautiful hotel room overlooking Dubai media city!

So how have I ended up here? A few weeks ago Brazen PR in Manchester were advertising for students to apply for their new internship scheme Brazen Summer Camp – where 2 interns will work with them for 6 weeks and spend 1 week working in their Dubai office. As you know or have guessed by now I was one of the very lucky interns to secure a place.

Last week was my first week in the office and I absolutely loved it. Everyone is really friendly and it has a good working atmosphere. The days fly by which is always a good sign because it means I’m being kept busy. Me and the other intern have been given 2 accounts to help out on – as well as supporting other accounts – and so far I have been helping out with sell ins, blogs, social media content, research, drafting copy etc. My various PR placements throughout the year have 100% been worth it because I feel each one prepares you for the next. You learn something different all the time. All week though I couldn’t stop smiling because I was so excited for the Saturday to arrive to fly out here.


(Picture: I’m on the right!)

We were whisked off with Emirates, and when we arrived a driver holding my name on a sign picked us up. It was all very glam! Yesterday we went to work with Louise the MD over here for our first day, which might seem strange but work in Dubai is Sunday – Thursday which is still slightly confusing to me I never know what day it is. I really enjoyed our first day – Louise was telling us about the clients we have over here and all the info we need to know and then did some work. In the evening we went for a meal in one of the most beautiful restaurants I have ever been and the food was incredible. If anyone has plans to come out – go to Pier 7 for some great food and drinks.

Today we went to see the sights, so we went to the Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Mall. I have been to Dubai before so it was great to be back. It’s also ramadan at the moment so it is super quiet during the day which is perfect. However not being able to eat or drink in public is a struggle as the weather is 44 degrees.

This ends my first couple of days and tonight we are going to go for a walk down the marina because the city is stunning at night. It comes to life with the lights and the amazing buildings. I can’t wait for tomorrow now to see what our second day at work brings!!



One thought on “Interning in the UAE

  1. Sounds like you are having a great time Rebecca and what great experience. Keep us updated!

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