Flash dancing PR students ‘mob’ business school

The BA Public Relations and Digital Communications Management level 5 (2nd year) students have been learning how to plan and implement a PR campaign.  For their group assignment they had to devise a campaign that would raise awareness amongst Manchester students of the dangers of binge drinking.

One inventive group developed a campaign called ‘Don’t Cross the Line’ focussing on the effects of binge drinking and the link between alcohol abuse and sexual violence in the student community.  The students conducted their own flash mob outside the MMU Business School, demonstrating their new found PR skills in dancing and performance!!  Don’t Cross the Line Flash Mob

In addition, the group produced, filmed and edited a short film for distribution on social media highlighting the key messages of their campaign.  Don’t Cross the Line Short Film

A second group focused on how binge drinking prematurely ages young people, and presented their campaign ideas incognito as ‘aged’ old ladies.

IMG_1887BINGING BIDDIES: PR students Kirsty Wooton, Sarah Chamberlain, Georgina Hearn and Catherine Thompson present their campaign ideas.