My first week at business school

Hello everyone,

As expressed in Diana’s post the first day on the MSc Public Relations course was both nerve racking but also very exciting! Jane helped us all to relax and get to know one another in an ice breaking activity, before lots of need to know information to get us off to the best start on the course. I thoroughly enjoyed the day and I left feeling both excited and daunted about the year ahead.

On the second day, we were very privileged to meet a number of PR professionals who gave us their insight into the industry, including information on the best way to enter the field of PR which we are favouring. They were also very keen for us to come and get some first hand experience of the career at their agency! I found this day extremely inspiring and it was great to be provided with such valuable contacts.

The third day began with the last guest speaker of the week, which was again very enjoyable and inspiring. We were then set the challenge of creating our very first campaign!! I think it is safe to say we all felt the nerves. However, after being given the brief for the task, I couldn’t wait to get my teeth into my very first campaign. It was great to immediately get stuck in and gain some practical experience. The course tutors provided us with a real time stimuli for our drink driving campaign in the THINK car outside the university (pictured).
We got to speak to the victim’s sister which enabled us to get a great insight into the audience that our campaign should focus on and demonstrated the importance of having a personal connection to the campaign. The tutors then gave us feedback on our presentations which gave us some useful tips for our future campaigns and presentation skills.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my first week and I am looking forward to what next week and the rest of the year will bring! I feel very excited and inspired. I have also learnt about the importance of networking in the industry too and I am enjoying working on my profiles and blogs to help me to get work placements in the future. I certainly already feel like a PR professional!

Thanks for reading,
Saffron xoxo



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