Digital PR in Education

Yesterday saw a group of PR academics from across the UK gather to discuss best practice in digital PR education at Leeds Metropolitan University. Not only was it a great opportunity to put a face to so many of the names I hear day in and day out, but there was some pretty interesting debate happening too.

The day kicked off with Ralph Tench discussing the findings of two research projects that he has been working, what particularly peaked my interest was ECOPSI which looked at the knowledge, skills and personal attributes required for certain communications roles. It extremely intreresting that the findings highlighted that social media managers needed to be ‘risk-takers’.

Philip Young put forward a great case for the changes in PR terminology that are required in order for theory to keep up with what is happening in the real world. Personally, I would very much like to see words, such as reach, immediacy, aggregation, transparency and curation get used in academic texts.

I am looking forward to the EUPRERA conference next month now, when I am sure some of the topics raised will be discussed further.

It was comforting also to hear from Naomi Dunstan about how she creates an experiential learning environment by allowing her PostGrad students to work on live briefs, something that we also do here from first year undergrad.

Finally, I bumped into my undergrad dissertation supervisor, Derek Hodge, who I am pretty sure I made feel really old when I told him how long ago it was when our paths last crossed.



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